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In-Home Private Training Program

DogXcel provides a Private Lessons Training Program tailored according to the needs and goals in order to have a well behaved dog. After the first consultation, we will define the owner’s needs and goals as well as the dog’s needs.


The program starts with training sessions at your home and then we will move to more high distraction areas.

There are several needs and goals which you may require such as:

Types of behavior(s) at home, this can include not jumping on you, family members or visitors when the dog is greeting someone entering your home.


We will train you to train your dog. The program will include: Basic Obedience Commands and manners: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Stand, Heel, Watch me, Leave it, Off and more.


This is a Six-lesson program that includes verbal and hand signals. The program can be extended depending on unique situations such as practice, dog’s natural state of mind such as a fearful dog, shy dog, excited dog, etc.

This program is 6 weeks - 1 hour session per week, Total 6 Hours.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded for each course completed.

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