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A Happy Place for Dogs and Owners
It's not a fantasy. You can have a dog that's well trained, comes when called, and greets guests politely. A dog that doesn't take you for a walk, but walks causally by your side. You can have the ideal dog and DogXcel Training can help.


Available Dog Training Classes
Everything you need to know to have a well-trained dog. In our classes, you’ll learn canine communication, dog care, and how to interact with your dog in a variety of situations. The result is a well-mannered dog that can walk nicely on leash, comes when called and much more.


Each of our dog training program packages have been constructed based on years of experience with proven results.

If required, we will be happy to construct a dog training program to meet the needs of your specific requirements at no additional cost.


Advantages of In-Home Training

  • We come to you 

  • We work around your schedule 

  • Available nights and weekends 

  • We train you how to train your dog

  • The family can be involved

  • Private one-on-one instruction

  • Puppies can start training earlier

  • In-Home training is perfect for all dogs


At DogXcel, we use positive reinforcement, which includes treats, praise, and fun! Through a range of classes, private lessons and counseling services, we work closely with pet owners to enhance their understanding of their animal's behavior. We always strive towards increasing our clients’ satisfaction with their dogs, and strengthening the bond between them.


Service Area
Our service area is extensive, covering all of Pinellas County and more.


Check out our classes and Contact Us for a free consultation in your home or by phone.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded for each course completed.

Best Buddies


Private Training Program

Tailored for your Dog´s Needs

Young Family with Pet Dog

In-Home Family Training Program

Training Together

Puppy Under a Table

In-Home Puppy Training Program

Learn your Puppy´s Needs

Dogs with trainer

Basic Obedience and Manners Group Training Class Program

Friends and Outdoors

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